Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sludge Waste Treatment

Sludge waste as hazardous waste should be treated become not hazardous waste have many ways, the valid process usually by burning the suldge in the incenerator or as material for boiler in power plant. Other way to mix the waste with other material non hazardous waste in order the content of hazardous waste content become not significant anymore and can be avoided as hazardous waste. If the content of hazardous substance too high only by burning the waste in the incenerator or boiler burner the waste can be destroy become other substance and usually become gas.

Sludge waste from belt press usually still content high water (about 50%), this condition make sludge waste can't burnt dirrectly in burner of boiler or in incenerator. This waste should be treated first in dryer first become more dry and can be peletized that can be used as fuel in several industry like in ceramic industry or in metal tanur.

The rest of waste after burning usually still content hazardous material and called as fly ash. This as can used in cement industry mixed with other clincer become cement material. So sludge waste will missing become cement material and become building. The process for other waste may be more complex and need preliminary process in order can destroy the hazardous conten or react with other substance using other waste become non hazardous waste.

The complexity of  hazardous waste process can becouse of huge amount or because of hazardous content difficult to be destroyed. Sometime use electrolyse method to take heavy metal content on the waste in order the waste become non hazardous waste.

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